Frequently asked questions about the name change of ProPV

Why a name change?
ProPV GmbH is a subsidiary of the European Solar Technology Group (ESTG) from the Netherlands. ESTG was founded in 2010 and is a well-known and trusted name in the solar industry. In recent years we have noticed that it is unclear to our international customers that our company is communicating with two different brand names. For this reason, it has been decided that ProPV GmbH and ESTG will continue under the name ESTG as of 1 February 2019.

What will change?
The only thing that will change for you is that you will experience a new webshop environment, with a different logo and other colors. The structure of the webshop will be exactly the same. The ESTG webshop is an exact copy of the ProPV webshop.

What happens with my account?
We will transfer your current account to the new environment. You can use your current login name, you only have to set a new password to get access to the new environment. We will send you an e-mail with instructions. All conditions stay the same and you will receive an e-mail with the new web address.

Will I be supported in my own language?
We will add a German, French and Italian store view to the ESTG webshop. The current ESTG webshop already has an English store view.

Will the payment methods stay the same?
Yes, there will be no changes to the payment methods.

What happens to my order history?
To be absolutely sure that you have copies of you order history, please download all your order confirmations. We will create a special web address where you can download your order history after the migration. Please note that this special web address will be active for 3 months. After that all the history will be erased.

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